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From mediating your next dispute, assiting with the prepartion of detailed trusts, or simply helping you prepare a will, Myers Law Group is here to give you our full attention and representation. Learn more about our practice areas below.
William P. Myers
My area of law practice derives from thirty (30) plus years of handling legal matters for all types of clients in a small town law practice setting best described as general litigation. My emphasis, whether representing an individual or a major corporation, is to seek the most reasonable solution to the problem that confronts my client. I explore all available methods for resolving client disputes.

My experience includes handling various aspects of construction claims, commercial litigation, estates, family law issues, land use applications, personal injury and property damage, real property disputes, eminent domain, municipal/government issues, and medical malpractice.

I have served as a mediator in over 700 cases since being trained as a mediator in 1993. I am currently on the Mississippi Court-Annexed Mediator List and I am a certified mediator on the Panel of Mediators with the American Arbitration Association.

I am on the Panel of Arbitrators with the American Arbitration Association and I have served as an arbitrator in a number of private arbitrations.

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